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by Sid Goodman   
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        "When Sid asked me to edit his book for punctuation, I asked what it was about. He said it was science fiction. I really hate science fiction, didn't say that to him, but said that I would take a look.

        "Editors don't really 'read' they look for errors, however, the more I 'looked for errors' the more I found myself enjoying the book more and more with each page. What I love about the premise of the book is that it is based on a factual event that took place in Russia. It is so NOT run-of-the-mill science fiction at all. Futuristic? Yes. Human? Very. Scary? Very.

        "I highly recommend Zylan's Messengers to anyone who cares about the human race and our Earth. Looking forward to editing Book Two!"

Marcia Blondin


        "Not being a huge sci-fi fan (or - to be more exact - not knowing that I was a sci-fi fan) I didn't know what to expect, but this was quite an enjoyable read with a clever, clever storyline. Zylan's Messengers really was hard to put down! Just the right blend of history (both real and imagined), science and a message that will really make you think. Good work, Sid!"

J. Stewart